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Class Record: Kubi Wa No Kata

April 24, 2007

Monday April 23rd

This was an in-depth look at this kata from Kukishin Ryu Dakentaijutsu. Attention was paid to using the attackers momentum as a chance to enter in and break the kamae. Various strikes gave us a chance to also use the attackers natural reactions to create further ways of upsetting their posture with different gyaku waza that appeared. Alex talked about this idea of everyone having kamae all the time, from shop-keepers to martial-artists and how we should be aware of this in our training. We stuck with these ideas through most of the class utilising various kicks and strikes.

I was asked to show something and I applied a Tachi Nagare standing flowing drop to an attacker who’s kamae was broken in another way, but also from the Shoden Gata of Kukishin Ryu. I was able to use their falling momentum to ride up on them keeping control of their structure via pressure of various limbs along the way.

– by Ali Martinez


Kihon Class Record: Hicho No Kata

April 24, 2007

Monday April 23rd

Kaiten(Rolls): Zenpo Nagare and Koho Nagare

Hicho No Kata from the Kihon Happo
– this was broken down to give us a chance to work on the mechanics of this form looking at the footwork, angling and use of weight drop and momentum to generate a stable but strong kick.

– by Ali Martinez


Ichimonji No Kata – Raiko No Kata – Kukishin Dakentaijutsu

April 23, 2007

On Sunday it was nice to see one of Marcus Dwyers Dan grade students, Philip, down for an extra classes and he had some nice movement and is a definite credit to Marcus. My uncle Daivid, who was over from Washington DC, came to have a look and seemed intrigued having only really done taekwondo before.

We did some basic forward backward rolling and added no-hands and then the wearing of a sword. After that we had a look at Ichimonji no kata and went into henka from there involving shuriken, leaping and throwing.

Before break we spent some time doing the 6 solo cuts from Raiko No Kata with iaito emphasing the grip and kamae between cuts. This kata – the “Sanshin” of sword – is turning out to be something I’m going through every week and will continue to do so. I went through on the 2 occasions I trained with Someya Sensei in Japan and so I’m using the classes to consolidate it in my own movement. Like taijutsu and shuriken solo basics, the benefits of this solo form really do come out in other ways the more you train in them.

After break we played with some of the Kukishin feeling Alex has been doing the past month, introducing the bo for in-close stuff and wrapping uke up in it and the very clothes he’s wearing. Philip had some lovely movement here as we got into a sort of free-flowing feeeling with multiple punches coming at us.

My class cancelled next week due to Alex’s “Back from Japan” Seminar

 – by Ali Martinez


Kukishin Ryu Seminar, Saturday April 28th

April 22, 2007


Budo Taijutsu seminar

focusing on the first level of
Kukishin Ryu Dakentaijutsu & yoroi kumiuchi (armoured grappling)
Teacher: Alex Meehan, Bujinkan Shidoshi & dojo-cho
Date: Saturday, April 28th, 2007
Place: The Scout Hall, Watery Lane, Clondalkin
Time: 11am to 5pm, registration from 10.30am.
Cost: €40 (including notes & optional Sunday morning training on the 29th)

Further details: This is a ‘back from Japan’ training event, following my 10th trip to Japan in March of this year. The plan is to cover the shoden level of Kukishin Ryu Dakentaijutsu over the course of the day, bringing together as much as I can remember from this recent trip. We should have several suits of armour on hand, so if all goes according to plan, we should be able to get the whole level done both with and without armour and looking at exploring some of the principles these kata teach with weapons and in a modern context.

I hope also that other senior shidoshi who have been in Japan this year may throw their ideas in the mix as well. (As usual, instructors of judan rank and above may attend this training for free.) There will also be an additional class on Sunday April 29th at my dojo in Rathmines from around 12 to 2pm or 3pm, to facilitate some extra training for some seminar attendents travelling long distances to attend this course.

This training is open to all current members of the Bujinkan Dojo, regardless of dojo affiliation.

– by Alex Meehan


Peter King DVD available at the dojo

April 20, 2007

Excellent DVD of Kukishin Dakentaijutsu Kihon, Shoden Waza and Jo-jutsu now available.


Buy it from the dojo webstore by clicking here.


Class record: Kukishin Ryu kata – Iso Arashi + Kata Ho + Sword

April 20, 2007

Thursday, April 19th:

Iso Arashi means “Beach storm” and the feeling behind it turns out to be, for uke anyway, like a bad day on Dollymount Strand. It’s another prime example of having your kamae torn apart by striking with proper timing and intent. This striking was given various forms through kicks and fists and the resulting gyaku waza proved fairly devastating. As we all know, you don’t apply gyaku to an uke that can resist and in this kata this idea is take to the extreme. I actualy don’t think I ever experience as much “air-time” as with one of the locks shown by Alex. I used to power-kite a little on Dollymount Strand and thats th last time my legs left terra ferma as much.

For fun we did try applying an omote gyaku to a fully resisting opponent and did a few nice technical ways of overcoming uke’s power. It often turned out more painful, the more power employed by the opponent.

Kata Ho means “Single sail”. It’s one of those feel-em out multiple strikes kata with a hefty gyaku at the end. We used jumonji dori and employed jutte to add some bite. The gyaku waza is a familiar one but done with a particular kick minimises uke’s ukemi-ness.

We also did a few sword vs sword techniques specifically looking at kamae/fudoshin within the movement. Alex told a couple of illustratitive stories on fudoshin – one from the Shinden Fudo Ryu of Toda Sensei. Facinating stuff.


Announcement: schedule change

April 20, 2007

This weekend my class will be on

Sunday 22nd

instead of

Saturday 21st