Class record: Kukishin Ryu kata – Iso Arashi + Kata Ho + Sword

April 20, 2007

Thursday, April 19th:

Iso Arashi means “Beach storm” and the feeling behind it turns out to be, for uke anyway, like a bad day on Dollymount Strand. It’s another prime example of having your kamae torn apart by striking with proper timing and intent. This striking was given various forms through kicks and fists and the resulting gyaku waza proved fairly devastating. As we all know, you don’t apply gyaku to an uke that can resist and in this kata this idea is take to the extreme. I actualy don’t think I ever experience as much “air-time” as with one of the locks shown by Alex. I used to power-kite a little on Dollymount Strand and thats th last time my legs left terra ferma as much.

For fun we did try applying an omote gyaku to a fully resisting opponent and did a few nice technical ways of overcoming uke’s power. It often turned out more painful, the more power employed by the opponent.

Kata Ho means “Single sail”. It’s one of those feel-em out multiple strikes kata with a hefty gyaku at the end. We used jumonji dori and employed jutte to add some bite. The gyaku waza is a familiar one but done with a particular kick minimises uke’s ukemi-ness.

We also did a few sword vs sword techniques specifically looking at kamae/fudoshin within the movement. Alex told a couple of illustratitive stories on fudoshin – one from the Shinden Fudo Ryu of Toda Sensei. Facinating stuff.

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