Kihon class record: Ichimonji No Kata

April 20, 2007

Monday April 16th:

The first kihon class contained an in depth look at Ichimonji no Kata with personal attention to everyones kamae, power generation, movement, targeting and structure both for uke and tori.

This class reminded me of an Oguri-Sensei class in Japan recently. While the visiting students were having fun with Kukishin kata as thought by Oguri Sensei, his own students spent most of the class at basic kamae training – and these were dan grades!

I recommend that EVERYONE attend these classes.

A senior long term Japan-resident Australian Shihan pointed out to be in Sydney last year when I told him I was Alex’s student that Alex was “ONE OF THE FEW VISITING SHIDOSHI THAT HAD GOOD BASICS“. Lets all take advantage of him. (Sorry Alex!)


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