Class record: Ichimonji No Kata, Shiho Tobi + Sword Kihon

April 20, 2007

 Saturday, April 14th 2007:

Our rolling went from basic to one-handed in order to encourage getting low. We had a look at Ichimonji no kata with a focus on the shuto strike. Inspired by some Nagato-sensei movement in Japan recently we looked at applying leaping in and out of kamae to help with striking at different angles. After break I looked at the first 3 cuts from Reiko No Kata – the Sanshin of our sword work according to Someya Sensei. We did some cutting drills with these up and down the dojo with bokken looking at grip, foootwork, form and kamae before having a look at a few techniques.

Saturday classes will be devoted to Kihon Happo, Sword and an aspect of Japan training for the next while.


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