Class record: Sui Yoku No Kata and Shuko

April 20, 2007

Main class,  Monday April 16th:

“Sui Yoku” is the 4th Kata in Kukishin Ryu Dakentaijutsu and at least for me with this kata it’s becoming clearer how each one builds on the ones previous. i.e. it’s a tricky one and studying the previous kata helps!

We have the overall dynamic of breaking kamae, drawing uke out, sucking uke in and attacking the structure again with a final almighty felling of the attacker. There are several strikes in this kata that create openings and holes and tactical positioning. The opening up of uke’s kamae gives several variations on the basic kata. We applied some jumonji dori or “cross-arms capturing” to the strikes which led to some “meaty” variation of oni kudaki. Adding a jutte gave us a different dynamic as did the feeling of wearing shuko which always seems to have the effect of uke capturing himself.

We ended the class on a very dynamic version of “falling into hell” arm/body lock with it’s own little bounce at the end.

As with ALL kata it’s clear too that uke himself has a lot to work on in terms of kamae and balanced striking as well as good ukemi.


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