Class report: ukemi, gyaku waza & tachi

May 1, 2007

Monday April 31st.

Because I couldn’t make it, Shane Duggan took the kihon class this evening, which focused on ukemi (rolling and breakfalls) practice. The main class started with more ukemi, using suwari waza (kneeling techniques) as a base to look at zenpo ukemi (forward rolling) and gyaku nagare (reverse flowing shoulder rolls) before moving on to some generic taijutsu practice, looking at the idea of choshi-dori (taking the rhythm) and creating the opportunity to take effective gyaku such as ura gyaku and omote gyaku through misdirection.

After the break, we looked at some tachi waza, with an emphasis on using the characteristic curvature of the tachi in a natural manner to evade and redirect the attacks of a sword-wielding opponent.


– Alex Meehan


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