Seminar report: Kukishin Ryu Shoden Gata

May 1, 2007

Sunday 28th April
This seminar was intended to cover the entire Shoden Gata of Kukishin Ryu Dakentaijutsu. On the recent trip to the Hombu in March, every kata from this level and some from the Chuden level, were taught by Soke and the Shihan. Given that Peter King Shihan ran through the basics of Kukishin movement recently and that this seminar brought with it various shidoshi from Ireland and abroad that have also expereinced the budo of Kukishin Ryu this year, it’s not hard too see why there was such a good training atmosphere on the day


Alex methodically showed the form of each kata before allowing his take on the essential priciples of each to be highlighted. Each shidoshi gave their own understanding of the ideas and a lot of peole had a chance to try on one of the 4 suits of armour available. Looking around me I could see people exchanging ideas freely but generaly managing to stick to the core principle of the kata as demonstrated. Alex also took the time to let the ‘shinken’ feeling emerge to show how form might disappear in reality but how the same ‘feeling’ could be present.

As mentioned at the seminar, each of the kata builds on the one previous such that there seems to be a gradual step up in ‘meatiness’ to the movement. It makes sense that developing sophisticated yet simple movement in armour required a steady introduction to various facets of the movement:

– breaking the kamae of uke

– controlling the weight/axis of yourself, tori

– controling the weight/axis of uke

– efficient and balanced footwork

– ability to use weapons uke’s and tori’s

– sensitivity to the state of uke’s potential

– sensitivity to your own potential

– throwing without throwing

– creating and using openings

– protecting openings

– feeling out the attacker, drawing them into your space, minimising theirs.

At the end, the day went very well and around 40 people attended. It was also a pleasure to welcome David Oliver Shidoshi and his students from the UK to Dublin for the weekend, were we are informed they had a good time!

– by Ali Martinez


One comment

  1. That was a very good seminar, I really enjoyed it. Well, I was training only with black belt guys, which is a big advantage… πŸ™‚ But hey, this is Ninjutsu – gathering information. πŸ™‚

    The techniques and principles had been explained deeply, we had enough time to practice every single kata of the Shoden Gata and try lots of, lots of henkas. I love henkas. And over all, experimentation with the katas (henkas) means self-development. And I had good partners for that.

    And it was really good to see that the shidoshis were “teaching” each other also, they accept the other’s comments, and so on, and so on. Like a real “community”.

    Gambatte Kudasai.

    Roland Huszti
    Bujinkan Galway Dojo
    Bujinkan Dojo Szeged (Hungary)

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