Special class for Bujinkan Wiltshire/Bristol

May 1, 2007

Sunday 29th April

Alex opened up the dojo for a few hours to share training with Shidoshi Dave Oliver and the lads from Bujinkan Wiltshire/Bristol who had travelled to Dublin for the Saturday seminar.

The movements had a Kukishin Ryu flavour, following on from the previous days jam-packed seminar and I was reminded of Nagato sensei’s movement in a lot of it too.

Alex discussed Omote Gyaku at length showing some differences between this type of lock as found in Koto Ryu, Gyokko Ryu and Kukishin Ryu.

Dave showed a excellent technique that allowed tori to progress through about 5 different locks in one go to completely reverse uke to the outside while being thrown. This days training was a nice wind-down from the day (and night) before and we all headed to the new Yamamori’s on the Quays for a proper good feed afterwards!

Much was mentioned of a forging of links between the Bujinkan in Ireland and the lads from that part of England, everyone having the minset of shared knowledge through good proper training in Japan. I’m sure we’ll all meet again pretty soon.

-Ali Martinez

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