Class Record: Sanshin, Sui sha, Nage Waza, Kenjutsu

May 11, 2007

Thursday May 11th

We started off with a paired look at the first 3 Sanshin No Kata which is on everyones syllabus from 8th Kyu. I emphasised being balanced  in the legs throughout noting that if you were then you could kick, for example at anytime without too much extraneous movement.

Next we did Sui sha No Kata again which led us to explore all sorts fo throws: Uchi Mata, Gyaku Nage, Osote Nage, Seoinage, Ogoshi and Harai Goshi and even a bit of “Kage Nage”. We could see that our throws work within the area of uke already being off balance, so that it doesn’t feel like throwing but more like providing a place for uke to fall.

After break we practiced  the first three cuts form Raiko No Kata and moved onto a paired drill that explored these cuts, and the kamae in between, in motion with the roll of uke/tori being fluid and dictated by active timing and use of kamae/openings.

-Ali Martinez


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