Class Record: Seion Henka + Hanbo/Kusari + Ken

May 15, 2007

Monday May 14th 

The class was pretty meaty with a feeling of going for it letting the ideas of Kukishin Ryu studied so far come out naturally against grabbing and punching attacks. We used hanbo and kusari to wrap up uke, breaking their kamae. The edge of the hanbo was used at the appropriate distance for striking and disrupting the attack.  The kusari’s power as a trouncheon was used too.

For our sword work we looked at some ideas shed from the Kukishi Happobiken and again allowed  a few variations to emerge based on closing the distance to the opponent rather than clashing swords.

 Alex had important ideas about the meaning of being an uke and the essential point  for all members of the dojo to feel techniques themselves from the instructors in order to improve their ukemi.

– Ali Martinez


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