Class Record: Ura Nami No Kata, Randori, Ganseki/Musodori

May 18, 2007

Thursday 17th May

We started to look into the chuden gata – mid-level forms – with the first kata called “Ura Nami” meaning “inlet waves”. This follows on from the shoden level kata and allows us to feel out the opponent until they reach a point where we have uke’s balance and have forced them into a certain course of action. It should be easy enough to apply our stikes and throws from then. The distance closed by tori was mentioned and because of the extended strikes by uke, their kamae and balance is also important. These kata are a good opportunity for uke to practice these things.

We practiced a flowing movement from our classic kumiuchi grappling position and learned to get off line, meet resitance with non-resitance and take balance. This developed into some light randori-style training and from there to a closer look at Ganseki Nage and Muso Dori allowing us to be sensitive to ukes movement and to read his responses as he naturally flinches from perceived locks.

– Ali Martinez


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