Special Ed Lomax Class: Gyaku Waza

May 22, 2007

Monday May 21st

Ed asked for suggestions for the theme of the class so Matt stood up and said “Basic locks and throws”. We then had fun looking at the Torite Goho Gata – the 5 locks and throws from the Kihon Happo.

Omote Gykau was done with a view to locking out the whole body for a throw, amongst other things, while Ura Gyaku involved some kyusho work. Ganseki, musha dori and muso dori were all played with, from the basic form to variations depending on uke’s intent and “fight-ability”.

I felt that the footwork was most important to bring you into a position where many things could happen while staying safe – this often involved striking, trapping the legs, manipulating kyusho, playing with uke’s ability to walk out of a lock etc. Ed went further with some of these locks showing various ways of securing uke on the ground and breaking their “kamae” from there. Often too, uke could not take ukemi “well” from the various ways of being thrown awkwardly.

It was a fantastic class and I think everyone at all levels should have got a lot out of it especially with Ed’s personal attention. Good to see some of the Athlone lads up as well as Shidoshi Glen Nevin and a good turn out from the dojo regulars. Finally,thanks to Ed for his generosity and good luck on your travels mate!

– Ali Martinez


One comment

  1. A great Saturday’s training and an excellent Monday night class. Taking the basic locks from the Kihon Happo and turning them into their many (painful) variations. Awesome!

    It was a great opportunity to ask about throws and to watch the way someone of Ed’s height actually moves when doing a throw (especially against someone much smaller). Plenty of food for thought and loads more to practice.

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