Class Record: Omote Gyaku + Muso Dori

May 25, 2007

Thursday May 24th

Looked at variations of omote gyaku as shown by Ed Lomax on Monday and spent some time on his muso dori lock as well (see picture in previous blog entry!) – looking at them in a bit more detail and seeing how the whole body comes into effect. Some interesting ways of controlling uke on the ground came up too.

Uke’s role in studying taijutsu was highlighted as being of utmost importance as well. The idea of not being a passive uke when grabbing, striking or when a lock is put on was mentioned; appreciating that there’s a fine balance between going with the flow and protecting yourself; of mutual understanding of the equal capacity of attacker/defender to learn from the interaction and an awareness of the ability of uke/tori. All these things are a major part of Bujinkan mentality and should lead to a greater sensitivity in your own movement and to those around you.

Saturday class back to normal this weekend.


Open mat after

– Ali Martinez


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