Basics class Record: Junan Taisho, Reihou and Nagare Kaiten

May 29, 2007

Monday 28th May 

We spent a few minutes looking at some stretching routines that everyone should be practicing in their own time. Alex then talked about some of our bowing procedures and the reasoning behind them – kneeling bow and standing bow. We then had some fun moving around the mats while in a semi kneeling position – some stuff that has been done in relation to Takagi Yoshin Ryu before. Mention was made of the Japanese classical etiquette school Ogasawara Ryu Reihou.

The ukemi that we did can be found in the Muto Dori of Gyokko ryu so we practice some of it, being mindful to sandwhich it between kamae.

– Ali Martinez


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