Class Record: Nagare Kaiten + Kukishin Waza

June 1, 2007

Thursday May 31st

I started off the ukemi with plenty of zig-zag rolling forwards, backwards and against one and two punches. I purposely didn’t “teach” but rather “did” and hoped everyone would follow along. Sometimes it’s good to just do it and not spoonfeed. I mentioned that it was important for the puncher to punch at a good target, and for the uke to wait for that punch before taking ukemi.

We looked at the principles behind a Kukishinden chuden level dakentaijutsu kata. Many many things came out of this particular technique both for uke and tori and indeed their roles reversed as we explored counters and counters to counters. Some of the principles included…… drawing the opponent out, feinting, moving offline, striking to structurally sensible places (e.g. not bone on bone!), leaping, staying safe, not giving back balance etc.

We played with bo and hanbo with some of these same ideas in mind. The hanbo reminded us about the importance of “target aquisition” along with correct generation of power and kamae.

Tip: Don’t forget the tennis-ball on a string for dynamic target practice….. this is what open mats are for…. or find a tree and hang your own balls…….

-Ali Martinez




  1. These notes are really good supplements and useful to look back over in the days after training – they remind me of the multitude of things that I had forgotten/misplaced. Thanks Ali.

  2. Thanks J.. gives me a chance to mull over a class and see whats behind all this punching and kicking lark.

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