Class Record: Kihon Happo + Kenjutsu

June 5, 2007

Saturday June 2nd 

I started with the Kihon Happo and got into doing various counters to Ichimonji and Hicho. Doing these counters really puts a spotlight on how well one is doing the basic kata. So if your footwork or  blocking in bad, countering is as easy as simply punching through although we did various versions of this.   If the blocking is good and you balance is taken, then we could use this as a platform for countering with strikes and other ways to take balance. All of this is just another way to loook at distance, timing and kamae from both uke and tori. Using the KH as a bass for countering makes both uke and tori feel like tori, which should always be the case anyway if you think about it.

 Our usual Saturday practice of Raiko no Kata – ended with a look at techniques when our swords clash (and we didn’t intially get a cut in).

– Ali Martinez


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