Class Record: Basic Kicks, TYR, Kenjutsu

June 6, 2007

Tuesday May 5th

Basic kicking drill with ukemi and counter kicks.

Takagi Yoshin Ryu Jutaijutsu – Tachi Waza (standing techniques) movement, striking and kicking and throwing.

The importance of Seigan no Kamae and and keeping kamae/zanshin – posture/awareness –  before during and after the cut for both uke and tori.

An important mention of the concept of “Shinken Gata” – “true blade techniques”.
Would you do stuff with a real sword, as uke or tori,  that you’d do with a padded one?

Probably not! Its very tempting to go at it with bamboo and leather covered training weapons but its too easy to loose what they’re supposed to represent.

Always train with padded swords/bokken  like they are sharp, pointy and curved! This is important for uke and tori, as always.

– Ali Martinez


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