Class Record: Gyaku Nagare + Keri Kihon + Iaijutsu

June 11, 2007

Saturday June 9th

We did some variations on forward and backward rolling to start. They involved suddenly changing the side rolled on at the last minute.

Next we did some basic front kicking drills from ichimonji, shizen, up close and over a chair. We continued to look at our kicks using ichimonji no kata as base. This brought us into counter kicking and highlighted the idea that its folly to kick someone when they’re on balance. Hicho no Kamae became a natural reaction to loosing balance and recovering to counter. I also encouraged not getting cought up with uke when they were felled – just escape.

After some summer tea out in the sun – hottest day of the year so far I think – we went over some of the basic iaijutsu covered in class during the week – looking at 2 kinds of cuts and how one draws the blade. We cut with bokken against another one to  give a target and also used iaito.

In the end we had some fun with shuko versus a suprise iai-draw and again used the earlier ideas of not getting cought up to escape.

– Ali Martinez


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