Event: July Bikenjutsu workshop

June 13, 2007


On Saturday July 7th, there will be a one day workshop in Rathmines focusing on bikenjutsu, or the Japanese sword. The bulk of the training will look at the basic exercises used to learn swordsmanship, including cutting, blocking, redirecting, thrusting and more. In addition, we will look at the basic sword kata of Kukishin Ryu and Togakure Ryu.

There will also be an opportunity to try tameshigiri, or test cutting. This will be limited strictly to people who can demonstrate appropriate control and skill in the basics of sword control, but is not limited by grade. There will be an extra charge for targets of around €4 or €5.

This workshop is open to all Bujinkan members and will be of particular interest to people who attended previous kenjutsu sessions with me, as time will be set aside to correct mistakes that may have appeared in each participant’s training since the last session. However, the kihon waza will also be covered for the benefit of anyone new to the study of this weapon. There will be personal, hands on instruction for each participant at every level.

This workshop is open to all Bujinkan students, subject to prebooking a place via e-mail. The workshop will cost €35. All students should endeavour to bring with them, in ascending order of importance – a bokken/bokuto (wooden sword), padded sword and/or Iaito (safe, blunt training sword). Anyone who owns hakama and wants to can bring them.

It’s been a while since we ran regular monthly workshops, so I expect this workshop to be full well in advance of the day itself. If you would like to attend, please make sure to reservce a place by mailing me first. This course is open to any Bujinkan member that would like to attend, not just my students. First come first served.

EDIT – There was one place left on this course, but it’s now gone and this course is now full.

– Alex Meehan


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