Class record: Ukemi waza, Kukishin Ryu & iai

June 24, 2007

Class: Thursday, June 21st

A small class this evening – the torrential rain seems to have kept people away. The recently repaired dojo roof seemed to hold up and there were no leaks! The class consisted of ukemi (falling and rolling) drills before moving onto some basic taijutsu, using the kukishin ryu waza fubuki and iso arashi as starting points. The second half of the class was devoted purely to sword basics and iai in particular. Because the class was small, we had time to really put our drawing methods under the microscope and everyone made measurable progress by the end.

Some more visitors came to watch training in advance of starting the beginner’s course on July 2nd. They seemed very interested and asked some well researched questions about training, which is promising.

– Alex Meehan


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