Class Record: Shiho tenchi tobi, Kuki waza henka, iai/battojutsu

June 27, 2007

Class: Monday June 25th

Firstly before class there was a large degree of “open mattness” going on which was great to see. There were people stretching, doing ukemi, bo work, pad work and iai. This should be the case all the time – grab some one to train with, hassle the seniors, open your syallabus, use the bag/pads, make a nuisance of yourself but just do something. I’m nearly always there 1 hour before class and when Alex come in, tap him for tips and drills, ask him to check your basics – he loves it!

Class proper started with some interesting ukemi using jumping techniques sideways and backwards. Alex then went into some ideas on angling found in Kukishinden Ryu and used them to create some nice openings for locks and strikes. After break we grapped our iaito for some battojutsu from natural walking positions with counters. This was really about examining distance and i think it is essentially the same thing as the very first strike you do in Ichimonji no kata only applied with a a sword in this case. Think about it.

Alex also mentioned that while it is healthy and normal to ask questions about particular weapons and the like, it’s maybe prudent to think about what the answer could be yourself before expecting an automatic response. That “thinking” part is probably way more fruitfull than just getting the answer. The question asked was whether the stuff we did with iaito could be done with larger tachi style swords. It’s a good question, but what do you think?

– Ali Martinez


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