Class Record: Kubiwa + Battojutsu

June 29, 2007

Class: Thursday June 28th

Ukemi was done with speed and over heights to get a nice warm-up in.

Henka of “Kubiwa” from Kukishinden Ryu  – empty-handed and with a tanto. We then had fun doing some no-striking movement against uke’s attack just to isolate out the angling, footwork and timing.

Battojutsu  involved  us doing some versions of Ryusei no kamae -> Seigan no kamae against thrusting attacks.

(Some of us filed down our iaito so as to make any possible accidental stabbings as dull as possible!)

We got a little lesson being a good uke – attacking with accurate intent and how to not automaticaly take ukemi.

Thought provoker: Should you assume you’re the “uke” in the first place?

After class everyone helped with the mat-rolling for the upcoming tamishigeri session at the upcoming Bikenjutsu workshop.

– Ali Martinez


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