Class Record: Ukemi, Uke Nagashi, Kumi Uchi, Bo: Goho No Kata, Nawa Waza

July 2, 2007

Class: Saturday, June 30th

Our ukemi practice centered around rolling with iaito in our belts – forward and backwards and both sides.

We did some Sanshin No Kata and worked on the uke negashi block in drills looking at different targets. After that I was inspired by the Pedro SFR ’06 DVD to do some Kumi Uchi leading to various gyaku waza and striking up close.

After break we spent a good hour on Goho no Kata from Kukishinden Bojutsu Shoden Gata drilling the hell out of bo furi gata, the strikes within that, as well as each strike/block with bo and sword. There’s so much going on with this kata with angles and distance never mind dexterity with the bo. I was minding my 10 year old nephew and let him practice the moves against the tennis ball and he wasn’t bad at all. I was reminded that it’s been said these kata were trained by young teenagers in pre-modern times and could see that sometimes they’re picked up easier buy them!

Thought provoker: How many bo kamae are in Goho No Kata?

At the end we did some playfull rope work with the kyoketsu shoge – its all about the loops.

– Ali Martinez


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