Class Record: Oni Kudaki, Jutte, Kenjutsu

July 4, 2007

Class: Monday July 2nd

I think that emphasis was very much placed on timing. A pre-emptive timing to go into a safe place as one escaped from the inital attack. This safe place should be relatively secure whether the tori got their own strike in or not. We saw this with taijutsu, jutte and sword with more or less the same feeling. For some reason three of us got whacked on the nose in this class which may or may not shows either how close we were to “safety”! Anyway there’s always a lesson when accidents happen and an important one here is to slow down. Alex made a point of saying that our movement, with this timing is such that no matter how fast uke attacks, we should really be able to react slowly, if the correct timing is used. When that’s the case, uke should be at a place of weakness both in terms of ability to re-attack and in terms of vunerability to a counter.

Thought provoker: When you’re uke, do you have a set rythmn in your attack? Why?

– Ali Martinez

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