Class Record: Ukemi, Daken Kihon, Goshinjutsu, Kenjutsu

July 6, 2007

Class: Thursday June 5th

I got things started with a look at dive rolls –  forward and sideways. I think it’s interesting to look at using the same hand position/feeling as your pushed into a wall – who says the surface needs to be horiziontal!

We then spent some time hitting pads with fudoken and shutoken, looking at footwork, structure, flow, guarding and breathing. Every strike we have should be done like this in order to train our bodies to respond to the effect of hitting something. There’s also the psychology of meaning to hit through with intention and  being able to recover.

Thought provoker: Isn’t there ukemi in striking?

This training led to a chat about Goshinjutsu or Self Defence and how it relates to what we do. The idea of engaging with somebody, personal space, de-escalation and the general psychology of physical confrontation. There were some interesting anecdotes too.

The swordwork we did focused on distance and timing against some simple cuts.  As Richard said, the uke should feel like they “missed a step” when attacking. Or you know when you go to pick up a  full carton of milk –  and its actually empty? Good timing means messing with perceptions.

– Ali Martinez


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