Beginners Course Week 2:

July 10, 2007

After a light stretch and warmup with Rex, everyone practiced the basic forward roll and were introduced to the basic backward roll. Common principles were highligted: To breath out when rolling, to roll from shoulder to hip and to  keep tucked into a  ball.

Alex encouraged everyone to practice at home and this can be easily done from sitting. You should only need a tatami size space – 6ft by 3ft – average couch to TV space in fact, or the size of a bed. A few of these every day will get the mind/body on the way to making rolling natural.

Our taijutsu involved looking at basic punching from Ichimonji no kamae. This built up into a technique where the defender also takes this posture and learns to move out of the way,  attacks the punching arm and counter-attacks with a new strike to the neck using shuto-ken or knife-hand fist. The technioque promotes the sort of body movement found through budo taijutsu and shows how important the footwork is in distance aquisiton and power generation.

– Ali Martinez


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