Takagi Yoshin Ryu: Sword Retention + Shime Waza + Katate Nage

July 16, 2007

Class: Thursday July 12th

Like it says on the tin, the flavour of this class was TYR based with an element of timing and flowing in response to uke’s reactions, whether that involved being struck on a kyusho, missing grabbing a sword, struggling from a choke or strangle or tori just being in the way at the right time.
The end of the class saw this sort of jutaijutsu being used to throw uke single-handedly. I found being uke to Alex that a lot of the ukemi from this class was “tricky” as within the ukemi my balance was broken yet again.

In Shime waza the mental balance in broken as the body reverts to primal defence measures to protect the brain function. There was a lot of the feeling of being bounced around the place physically and mentally.

Thought provoker: Isn’t the best time to throw somebody *after* they’re thrown?

– Ali Martinez


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