Class Record: Kukishinden Waza + Sanshin + Jo

July 17, 2007

Class: Monday July 17th

Back from a three day taikai in Paris, Alex played with some nice movement that came from the emphasis on Kukishin Waza taught at the seminar with the four shihan. We did some Sanshin No Kata as if wearing armour and took uke in awkward directions that compromised their balance. We also used uke’s kicking action to gain power over their balance too.

Once or twice Alex was able to do a nice no-handed throw. I wonder did anyone spot it!

Balance too was taken by attacking some particularily vulnerable kyusho – or rather uke became unbalanced mentally as they realised they entered a vunerable position and their “kyusho” was grabable.

Thought provoker: If tori has placed their hands on you, are you more or less aware of potential counters?

After break we had some fun with a Jo versus Sword technique that made use of the sword-like cutting/blocking action of the jo as well as its bo-like length. This was a meaty movement that exposed all sorts of ideas like the use of kamae, the gaining of distance, the knack of striking with the jo. The swordsman too had to be concious of what advantage their sword gives them over a weapon that lets the user dart in and out of range of them.

– Ali Martinez


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