Class Record: Jutaijutsu and Choshi Dori + Weapon Safety

July 20, 2007

Class: Thursday 19th July

Where to begin – it seems like we did a lot last night and most of it had the flavour of jutaijutsu or capturing the momentum of the opponent at just the right time so as to avoid being struck. We used movement rather than muscle to control them and through kata learned about the strategy of setting up the opponent. We did this through some Kukishin Dakentaijutsu Kata and a Koto Ryu’s Mutodori – unarmed against sword.

It was easy to see how a lot of the ukemi was allowed to be taken safely but in fact the throws were designed to crush opponents in armour. We did hip throws, arm breaks, seionages, taki-otoshis and balance-breaking through footwork.

Some of the guys who were in Paris showed a few things too and it was great to see some of that feeling, after training with the 4 Shihan, shine through. There were lots of gyaku waza and throws.

During tea brake we had an important discussison and brief-show-and-tell about how to check certain weapons for safety and how to handle them safely.

Thought provoker: What sorts of weapons does this reasoning also apply to?

– Ali Martinez


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