Class Record: Boshi Ken + Nage Waza + Bo Kihon

July 23, 2007

Class: Saturday July 21st

I used some of the “Sanshin with Kukishinden feeling” brought back from the recent taikai to explore using the thumb strike in different ways which is acheivable if you take uke’s balance along certain directions.

The mid-week classes had some interesting throws so we explored one or two of these in depth on Saturday. Funnily enough taking uke along the “kimon” direction as explored in this years theme makes these throws comfortable to set up and uke can then be thrown in any direction. If you have to strain to get under uke, then they’ll feel it and can counter.

We ended with a practice of bo furi gata using it to land in our different bo kamae in didfferent directions.

Thought provoker:  When’s the last time you looked at your current grade  syllabus?

– Ali Martinez


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