Beginners Course: Week 4

July 24, 2007

Class: Monday 23rd July 

Everyone attending the course received their syllabus yesterday. In it there’s some interesting background info on the Bujinkan, some of the weapons used, some essays on martial arts and a listing of the Bujinkan Meehan Dojo syllabus. The current beginners are more-or-less covering the first grade requirement – the 9th Kyu.

Training  comprised of rolling from kamae forwards and backwards. We then started to look at grabbing and punching (done by the “attacker” in the pair – called the “uke”).

The “defender” in this 2-person drill is called the “tori” in Japanese and counters this particular grab and punch with footwork to move them out of the way, some covering motion by each hand to protect them further and a strike to the neck called “shuto” and joint reversal called “omote gyaku”  commonly refered to as  a “lock”.

Alex announced that all beginners can now attend any of the main classes as long as they keep attending the remaining of the beginners course.

The main classes are:

Mondays    8pm    – 9.30pm
Thursdays  7.30pm – 9.30pm
Saturdays  3pm    – 4.30pm

The dojo is usually open 30 mins before class for personal practice and use of equipment like mats, pads, weapons (supervised) etc

All blackbelts are available to practice with beginners or indeed any kyu grade on anything in their syllabus. People are encouraged to pair up train together in these “open-mat” sessions – to take ownership of the training and practice to improve.

– Ali Martinez


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