Class Record: 9th Kyu syllabus

July 30, 2007

We left out quite a bit in this syllabus as there is a lot in it to cover even at a basic level. We did forward back and sideways nagare-style rolling as a warm-up. I then looked at the 4 basic kamae and we did these against the wall so as to get really low with our backs straight. I think we all felt the burn there!

I did a paired punching drill to get uke to attack with good form and with intent. One of the big issues early on in training is to get people to punch at and through the tori’s body otherwise there’s no need for tori to move at all really, eh?. I hope this drill demononstrated this basic requirement. It’s also a neat trick to know when someones’s going to throw a punch past you compared to through your face.

We then went through the first 3 kata of Kihon Happo doing the basic form first and then using these as a base to explore the 9th kyu striking methods. One thing I wanted to explore too is the need to be balanced and in a position to have all sorts of options at any point during the kata. We did some drills with Hicho no kamae to show how it is  a pretty good way of recovering from an attack by uke and that it’s really a transitory kamae.

In the end we only really got to practice one throwing technique – O Goshi Nage – and I hoped that I showed that this technique should only happen if uke is already off balance. Some of our striking helped here.
The class reached a normal clas size this Saturday and I was delighted to see most people stayed for open-mat and had definite things to practice.

Congrats to Ben who pass is 9th Kyu grading and thanks to those who helped.

– Ali Martinez


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  1. I would like to see a continuation of the topic

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