Class Record: Kukishin Dakentaijutsu Waza + Sojutsu

July 31, 2007

Class: Monday July 30th

We did some rolling that used the skeletal system to point us in the desired direction – as opposed to using our normal GPS system. It’s healthy for us in this art to switch to unusual forms of ukemi especially ones that make use of the body’s natural mechanics.

Our study of Kukishin movement continued with some Chuden level waza that allowed us to take balance and throw uke in various ways. Some of the movement seemed to leave us in vunerable positions but as always these can be deceptive and in fact can limit uke’s next attack to one we have engineered ourselves.

Alex brought in a homemade training spear and so we practiced “Kanpo” from Kukishin Ryu Sojutsu. This made use of the thrusting power of the spear along with its length. Within the kata we learned some kamae, some thrusting actions and striking.

Thought Provoker: Are spear vs. sword kata about fighting swordsmen with spears?

– Ali Martinez

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