Class Record: Kukishin “Jutaijutsu” + Randori + Seionage

August 8, 2007

Class: Monday August 7th 

The class had a sort of “jutaijutsu” feel as we explored some Kukishinden Ryu Dakentaijutsu Chuden level stuff.  That playing-with-uke vibe came out especially when a bit of free response or randori was encouraged. As was discussed this could easily leed to “mistakes” and its the recovery from these errors and learnin from them that is important as well as  the maintaining of kamae/zanshin and fudoshin to see you through.

By the same token, we saw within this sort of movement that hitting an opponent may simply give them the data they need to counter so we saw how not striking could lead to a better strategy for tori. Alex put it nicely when he said that while uke might be processing data binaryily i.e. hit/don’t-get-hit, take balance/remain balanced, we should be working in between these points….. just get hit/ just not-get-hit, just take balance etc… that way we can manipulate the opponents mind. If uke isn’t too sure if they got you or not, and so is wondering what their next move is, you have the time and space to ensure they’re snacking on tatami before they even know they’re eh, hungry.

We also looked at particular ways of knocking uke’s balance from a close range using the legs and torsion and ended the class doing some bone wrenching gyaku waza.

Thought provoker: How do you just not-take-balance? 

– Ali Martinez


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