Class Record: Kukishin Dakentaijutsu – Chuden Gata + Moguri Gata

August 10, 2007

Class: Thursday August 9th

Again this class had many many aspects to it but essentially we found ourselves letting uke do a lot of the work as we played with their attacks in the spirit of this years theme: Kuki Taisho.

I started things off with some dive rolling front and sideways, covering short and long distances. Before Alex came in I looked at Kukishin’s Hira No Kamae and Kosei no Kamae using these to take balance with various locks and throws. At one point I looked at using kaiten “rolling” to escape from uke’s space while taking them with me. It was important to be aware of the surrounding terrain during this. Like not cracking heads…..!

The feeling explored with Alex centered around the Chuden Gata “Shiho dori” and we studied this quite a bit looking at technical things like feet and hip position, how  the elbows are used and a particular way of dropping down into a “hanza” half-seeted postion to maintain zanshin. This dropping-down has a certain feeling to it called “Moguri” or decending.

We also looked at timing and the idea of doing things in half and quarter steps relative to uke to mess them up. Rex had an excellent way of describing the timing/movement…. as effortless as pushing a child on a swing to get more height. They’re already in motion…. you’re just helping them and you don’t do that by using strength. This idea synched nicely with the idea of “playing” this year. We saw a  lot of good un-rehearsed ukemi last night too as people were tossed about in awkward ways.
Thought Provoker: Not everyone has good ukemi both in and out of the dojo – does this change the way you do these techniques on them?

– Ali Martinez


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  1. It’s occured to be that the kaiten/ukemi in the waza I was doing at the start of class was very “Moguri” itself! Must have been a premonition!

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