Class Record: Kukishin Ryu Dakentaijtsu + Spear

August 13, 2007

Class: Saturday August 11th

Last Thursday’s class was that good that I shamelessly stole a lot of the ideas Alex went through and went through them both to consolidate the feeling in myself and to pass on  the teachings to those who weren’t there.  We had a close look at that “Moguri” aspect of Kukishin Ryu – using decending power to unbalance uke and stay safe – using ukemi as well as moving the knees/hips/spine. As usual I got people to pause along the way to see what strikes they have and how balanced they are compared to uke.

After tea we spent a good chunk of time studying Shiho from Kukishin Sojutsu. There are many strikes in this and  a lot of strategy by both the sword and spearman. We did a few drills of the individual strikes and looked at distance, hand grips, and kamae.

We ended on some more taijutsu – a bit of sword retention in which our earlier study of “moguri” helped a lot as it turned out. 

The Saturday class next week will not be on. The Bujinkan Meehan dojo is hosting a special seminar instead..


Thought provoker:

When facing a spear,  where does the swordman want to be?

When facing a sword, where does the spearman want to be?

– Ali Martinez

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