Beginners Course: Week 7

August 14, 2007

Class: Monday August 14th

I covered forward, backwards and sideways rolling from kamae as done for 9th kyu grading. I then did Ichimonji no kata and after that got everyone to grab their syllabus and talked them through everything except the gyaku/nage waza ie. the kyusho, kamae, the blocks, punching etc to show them that the kata contain them all really but they should know the parts and that English would be fine for this grade.

We then did hicho and jumonji and finished with hanbo – tsuki iri and Koshi Ori.
Next week is the last week with  grading around around early September so please ask any of the blackbelts for help  on the syllabus between now and then before/after class. Review your syllabus at home and use your minds playback to go over what you’ve covered. 

Thought provoker:

Mentally reviewing a class is good. Look for the following as you remember your own movements and those of the instructors – offline movement, good kamae(posture), using your body to strike/block, relaxed body, everything moves togther, distance between you and opponent, you’re role as uke(attacker) etc. Practice all this at home even without a partner.

– Ali Martinez

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