Class Record: Kukishin Gyaku waza + Kyojitsu Tenkan Ho

August 14, 2007

Class: Monday August 13th 

We started to look at some Kukishin Dakentaijtsu Kata and let the feeling of playing with the uke’s timing and distance mess them up. It was very much about capturing them on twists and turns as they grabbed, kicked and punched. Distance was a massive factor as well as drawing them out.

We then did a  nice turnaround and looked at uke’s attack and how it could be made more favourable for them as they grabbed. All this is about responding appropriately to actually reactions with proper intention and I think everyone did very well as Alex asked each of us to demo this idea in front of the class.

We continued with distractions and feints using handheld weapons and saw how all of this helps with the jutaijutsu feeling thats emerging from studying Kukishin Ryu Dakentaijtsu so far this year.

Thought provoker:

How many handheld objects are at hand to you right now? Would they work like the stuff we used in class?

– Ali Martinez

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