Shidoshi Pol MacFionmhacain Seminar, August 18th 2007

August 20, 2007

Kukishin Ryu Dakentaijutsu: Kihon Happo + Chuden Gata

Pol gave us a fantastic day of Budo Taijutsu with most Irish clubs represented at the seminar. I think there was actually twice the number expected. It was great to see the top guys in Ireland all there as well as our Buyu friend Norman Smithers who flew in especially from the UK.

Pol started off with the Kihon Happo to get us moving. He called on folks from each club to do the basic and then showed us a more Kukishin flavoured version. This often involved closer distances and twisting and dropping uke around the hip. He told us that the Chuden level kata of Kukishin’s dakentaijutsu is all about setting uke up the way you want them to strike, before throwing them. All this made sense with the idea of wearing armour in mind. With this feeling the striking and grabbing done was to areas that could be accessed through the armour.

So we covered the entire level and there were 2 sets of armour available for us to see how this works. Kamae becomes lower, movement becomes very economical and striking is done to effect structure rather than inflict pain. Of course pain itself can do this and Pol mentioned that is often necessary in training to take it that far so that you can get the natural body response necessary to follow through with a lock or takedown. Several Kyusho – “Hoshi” was used a lot for example – and ways of striking e.g. “koppo ken” – were used.

Because a lot of different throws are involved, Pol showed us a paired drill to practice how one can enter in the person’s space before throwing. This was from a kumiuchi style position. Some of the kata had counters to throws too so as well so is was important to get used to being thrown correctly.

Pol took the time to walk the room and everyone I talked to said they experienced something directly from him. The entire seminar was robust and definitely gave everyone a valuable experience in this year’s theme. As Pol is a regular student of the Japanese and Hatsumi Sensei, we were very lucky to have him share his knowledge with us at this stage in the year. He mentioned that he is visiting most of the dojo that were represented at the seminar this week so catch him if you can – and if you can, catch him twice!

I think an important point was made at the seminar by Alex- that kata practice is not fighting so when kata are being done they should look like kata. They should have good form and be done exactly as shown by the teacher. Pol noted that we should all try and do exactly what he’s doing and not what we’re used to.

A number of people got graded too so congrats to all of them.


One comment

  1. The seminar was great, I have learnt a lot, the morale was high – it was a great fun time at all. The Kukishindenized 🙂 Hoshu Kihon Goho no Kata was really cool, it gave me such good ideas.

    Gambatte kudasai!

    Bujinkan Butler Dojo Galway

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