Beginners Course: Week 8 – Completion

August 21, 2007

Class: Monday 20th August

We practiced our forward, backward and sideways rolling. The sideways rolling was given an extra dimension by getting people to reach out to pick up an object. This encouraged them to stay low and to not focus on the roll too much.

Everyone then practiced all 3 kata for the 9th Kyu Grade. These 3 kata form the basic striking forms that are studied at all grades. We then looked at the 3 “throwing” techniques required for all beginnners. There was also a combination strike and wrist lock technique to  be practiced.

This beginners course is now finished. The purpose of the course was to introduce people who are unfamiliar with Bujinkan to some  of the basic  priciples – relaxed whole body movement, use of the feet, ukemi or “receiving” techniques like rollin and breakfalling, basic striking  and to have a general grasp of the Bujinkan methodology.

All ungraded students are now elligible to take their 9th Kyu grade test and free to attend any class at the Bujinkan Meehan Dojo.

– Ali Martinez


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