Open Mat

August 21, 2007

What is it?

Any occasion when the dojo is open and available for use outside of normal class time to allow students at the dojo to practice material they have already been taught in class.

When is it?
– roughly an hour before weekday classes
– an hour after Saturday classes
– near grading times the dojo may be available in the evening on request should a group of students wish to obtain more practice. This will have a nominal fee attached.

What to practice?
– syllabus requirements
– padwork drills, weapons, randori, ukemi, stretching, kamae, kata etc
What does it cost?
When open mat takes place after or before a normal class, it is free. If you can’t make a class but want to avail of an open mat session, then the cost is a small contribution to the dojo kitty.

– All weapons and the nature of their use must be checked with the supervisor before use
– randori must be in line with a persons grade and of a nature consistent with Bujinkan methodology
– the supervisor has the final word on all aspects of training at open mat.


Ali, Shane, Rex and/or Alex

Open mat is not a class so the point is not to seek instruction in things you haven’t yet been taught, but rather to practice what you have already learned.

– Ali Martinez

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