Event: Kihon Gata workshop

August 27, 2007

On Saturday September 8th, there will be a one day workshop in Rathmines focusing on kihon gata, or the basics of the Budo Taijutsu system.


This training is aimed at all students at the dojo, with equal emphasise placed on skill acquisition for newer students and consolidation for senior kyu and dan graded students. We will take the time on this day to cover:

(rolling and breakfalling), including
– Front rolling with one, two and no hands
– Diving rolls
– Side rolling
– Sideways leaping rolls
– back rolls
– twisting back rolls
– twisting leaping back rolls.

Kihon Happo no kata

Sanshin no kata

While we normally include some of these techniques in every class, we often skim over them and don’t take the time to focus on them in depth. In this session, everyone will get specific feedback individually on each one of their kata with the goal of allowing them to make specfic advances in their own skill.

There will be personal, hands on instruction for each participant at every level. I intend this to be a very intense session and one from which people should leave with their understanding of our kihon gata dramatically changed. Shidoshi level participants will also get shown some methods of teaching these waza to newer students.

This workshop is open to all Bujinkan students, subject to prebooking a place via e-mail or PM here on this board. The workshop will cost €35 and include personal hands on tuition appropriate to the level of the students – all skill levels will be accomodated. While this workshop is aimed at my students, others are welcome to attend as well.

Anybody who would like to attend this training should reserve a place by e-mailing me at the usual address.

There are currently n0 places left on this course as of today, August 31st.

You can still have your name placed on the waiting list in case someone drops out. Drop me a mail.

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