Class Record: Kukishin Ryu – Ura Nami no Kata + Syllabus

August 28, 2007

Class: Monday 28th August

Ura Nami

This kata from the Chuden level really makes us apply a familiar lock under conditons we set up with uke to make them fall into it. I found that the lock applied this way acts on the spine rather than the arm. Later, kicks or characteristically “Kukishin” twists finish the job. Either way, your balance is tinkering on the edge – like standing in a water knocked by waves.

We looked at the same idea form a grab/punch combination and also applied hanbo to the movement. As usual ukemi from this postion could prove difficult as there are many directions to be knocked over while having both arms trapped.

Syllabus work kicked off with the Kyu grades doing Nage Waza and ukemi while the Dan grades continued to study Kukishin Sojutsu with the “Hitotsuki Ai ho” kata.

This kata contains the classic thrusting strike that makes sense with the spear, helped by some interesting spinning strikes. These allow us to set up the guarded swordsman to reveal holes in his kamae. All the time  the distance advantage with the spear is maintained. As the swordsman, it’s important to maintain Seigan no Kamae and I was reminded of Tim Bathursts very animated Seigan vs Bo in the Bojutsu DVD ’05 where the shielding power of the sword along with footwork is put to the test.

Thought Provoker:
Alex mentioned the concept of “Kasumi No Ken” in this class. How does this apply to our armed and unarmed waza?

– Ali Martinez

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