Class Record: Advanced Rolling + Tenchi no Kata + Syllabus

August 31, 2007

Class: Thursday 30th August

The rolling we did was from Ichimonji no kamae but involved rolling to the rear from this position over each shoulder. We also had to do some fast rolling.

Tenchi No Kata from our Kukishin Ryu Dakentaijutsu Chuden No Gata has  an interesting variation of Oni Kudaki and this kata had us make use of setting up uke such that when applied with a  kick this gyaku should damage uke while making them land awkwardly. We applied similar ideas with a hanbo and then against a long-range knife attack.

The Dan grade syllabus involved another look at Kukishin Sojutsu with a particular emphasis on the swordman being aggresive. This made the spearman  look at distance and drawing out the swordsman –  a bit like how the taijutsu from  earlier worked – go figure!

Thought Provoker: If we cut down a kata from punch/punch/punch/kick/punch to just one punch,  should tori’s  kamae, in this shortened version, mimic the same position in the full kata?

– Ali Martinez


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