Class Record: Sanshin + Nage Waza + Tenchi no Kata

September 3, 2007

Class: Saturday Sept 1st

A look at Sanshin No Kata led us to work on blocking and distance.

 We then did a variety of throws borrowing the kumiuchi drill that Pol showed us at the recent seminar –  i.e. your partner pushes forward a few steps and you let them, holding on loosely, you push them back, then they push you again. At some point the person being pushed back uses this momentum to perform the throw. This allows the work to be done mostly by the pusher while the person throwing merely sets up an obstacle for them to fall over – their hip, their, arm, leg etc. Neat.

I think Kukishin ryu Dakentaijutsu with all its throws has highlighted a major feature of Bujinkan throwing – that with the right position and timing, uke throws themselves.

We then looked at Tenchi No Kata from Chuden No Gata of Kukishin ryu Dakentaijutsu with some henka. The henka involved getting to the same place using a side-on Hira No Kamae against a single punch.

– Ali Martinez


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