Class Record: Nagare Kaiten + Karuma Dori + Kimon

September 4, 2007

Class: Monday Sept 3rd

Doing some of our funky ju nagare & gyaku nagare rolling got us moving and somewhat prepared for the tricky ukemi experienced in our Kukishin Dakentaijutsu practice.

We  practiced 2 kata from this years theme and again saw how keeping  a level head and footwork can get us out of trouble. Playing with timing and direction offers us advantages, allowing us to manipulate uke unknown to them so that locking and throwing doesn’t become and action but rather a natural consequence of the set-up.  Uke doesn’t feel “acted on” but rather  “duped”.

The concept of “Kimon” was mentioned – an unlucky direction or weak position to be led into, would be one interpretation.

For syllabus work the 6th/7th Kyus practiced throwing, the new folks in the class looked at some basic striking and movement and the Dan grades practiced some Roppo Kuji aspects of Kenjutsu.

Thought provoker:

When’s the last time you allowed yourself to be hit in the dojo, before moving into not being hit?

– Ali Martinez


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