Class Record: Suwari Gata + Kukishin Gyaku Waza + Kenpo

September 7, 2007

Class: Thursday Sept 07

Suwari Gata involves the practice of receiving technique from a traditional Japanese seated position and is an excellent way to study distance and timing and improve hip/spine mobility and strength. We looked at a few ideas from the seated position of Fudoza and got to practice our punching from Seiza.

We did some interesting versions if omote and ura gyaku using Kukishin ryu’s characteristic drawing-out principle.

I was asked to show the throwing drill that  Pol demonstrated at the recent seminar and we applied it to Ogoshi, Osote Nage, Uchi Mata and some Makikomi waza – or “enfolding techniques” – another characteristic of Kukishin picked up this year.

We ended on some Kukishin Bikenjutsu which had some of the same drawing-out feeling as the earlier practice.

Thought provoker: Can you do Kihon Happo seated?

– Ali Martinez


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