Kihon Gata Workshop

September 10, 2007

Time: Saturday 8th September

This full course covered the basics or foundational techniques of the Bujinkan as thought at the Meehan Dojo. Attendance was made up of a healthy cross section of  grades and so attention was given to each level’s requirements.

The foundation techniques are the fundamental physical skills that each member of the Bujinkan is required to practice throughout their training lifetime. This isn’t because of a stylistic rule but rather is as essential to understanding natural movement. Everything makes physical sense, in terms of natural movement in accordance with the human skeletal structure.

 So we all got corrected over and over on our footwork, body alignment, power generation, balance, posture, positioning etc. This was done through the vehical of ukemi and kata practice. So when we were studying ukemi, the Sanshin and Kihon Happo, we’re really just studying the above things in a structured way.

Its important to note that everything studied needs to be taken by each student and integrated into their own training. Open-mat is an excellent time to do this. Why not partner up with someone form the course and help with the basics. It’s very clear that the students who do this progresse further.

 Congratulations to everyone who achieved a rank too.

Don’t forget to keep studying your syllabus whether you took exams for it or not. Every ranked person should continuously revise their rank requirements and all the ones before them – especially the earlier ones as you could call these the foundations upon which your current rank is built.

– Ali Martinez


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