Class Record: Kuki Taisho

September 18, 2007

Class: Monday 17th Sept

For this class Alex asked everyone to show a technique based upon the proceeding one. Alex started off and I attacked him with a kumiuchi throwing maneouver. Every single person did a whole range of counters to this attack, and later a punching one, that basically involved the same opening of taking the timing and redirecting uke’s direction. There were counter throws, strikes, kicks, lock and knockdowns and it was really all very impressive. Alex said that everyobody rose above expectations and it was a nice opportunity to let this years Kukishin training leak out of us naturally.

The “kuki taisho” I refer to is that feeling of spontaneous action performed by everyone with an open heart. You could really tell that most people didn’t try and engineer or intellectualise their way through the technique that they did. It was all consequential to good basics and studying taijutsu through Kukishin Ryu.

To paraphrase Alex: The natural pressure and fear felt in showing what you can do in front of your peers is a gift, especially to those that are new to it. It should be embraced and cherished when it happens before it’s gotten used to. There’s no way to recreate the actual threat of real violence in the dojo so opportunities to experience somwting close to it  are always welcome. Shidoshi going to Japan experience this same thing too so perhaps it’s never gotten used to.

 After tea the playfull feeling was continued with a little more specific technicality from seated and standing stikes.

– Ali Martinez


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