Class Record: Sanshin + Dakentaijutsu + Bo

September 21, 2007

Class: Thursday 20th Sept

It’s all a bit Autumny these days in Rathmines so we did a Sanshin warmup, 10 each side, each kata. We then paired up and did Chi and Sui no Kata toegther which led to some in- close variations attacking the eyes amd using the balance breaking to lock and strike. The elbow came into play in dfferent ways because of the close range. I also encouraged people to be aware of their kicking potential, being able to kick with either leg at any time in any direction i.e: Balanced movement.

After tea we practiced some Bo  – basic striking and then some bo vs bo ideas before playing with the bo used like a rope to entrap uke.

– Ali Martinez


One comment

  1. Hello Ali,

    Your doing an awesome job with this blog and obviously your training. Please email if and when you get the time. I would very much like to talk to you.


    In a friendly way,

    Anthony Lucas
    Bujinkan Shidoshi

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